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The manufacturer of
windows and doors

Poland, 08-110 Siedlce, st. Piaski Zamiejskie 135
tel. +48 25 632 85 57, FAX +48 25 644 87 26
About Us

MARKO was established in 1994. The first ten years of our activity is an example of how a small-sized company may develop to become a large-scale manufacturer. Investments in the manufacturing process e.g. the purchase of machines and production line equipment enabled MARKO to achieve success. The range of MARKO's products is constantly growing. At present our offer includes 3- to 6-chamber PVC windows in Gealan systems. In addition, we manufacture windows for farm buildings, exterior doors with a woodlike structure, shutters and textile blinds, as well as a wide selection of interior and exterior window-sills. The manufacturing process takes place in one plant only, which greatly reduces our operational costs. To facilitate the purchase of our products we have opened a commercial office in the centre of Siedlce at 20A Kilińskiego Street. All of our products are highly popular among our customers. We aim at a prompt processing of purchase orders, high reliability of our deliveries, and comprehensive technical advice. Our products are covered by a long-term guarantee, attested and certified.


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